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Could a thousand monkeys at a thousand computers for a thousand years design an exceptional web site or dynamite magazine? We'd like to think so. Regardless, here's what you need to know:
WHO?Hi, we're Maniac Monkey Media, a creative design firm
with loads of experience in all sorts of creative mediums. If you need a way to get ahold of us, choose your weapon here.
WHAT?We offer expertise in web design, interactive media, print
design, video editing & production, graphic design, and many other nice-looking and functional endeavors. Check out our services to get all the details or our portfolio to see what we can do.
WHY?We believe the world (digital and otherwise) can benefit from
better aesthetics and usefulness in its web sites, print, and other media. We bring such improvements. In addition to aesthetics, Maniac Monkey focuses on designing projects that authentically benefit and value everyone involved, from those they're designed for to those who use them.