Maniac Monkey is proud to be able to offer a whole mess of creative services. If it can be thought up by our clients, we can get it done. In addition to doing high quality and timely work, we firmly believe in creating useful and valuable projects, treating everyone involved fairly and honestly, as well as simply just making the world (digital and otherwise) a more aesthetic and useful place to live in. This info should give you a good idea of what we can offer you:
These days, a company's web site is perhaps the most important public face it can present. In a culture where most people will go to the Internet beforeClick to view our Web Design portfolio they go to a phone book, it is extremely important to have an attractive and useful web site that accurately represents who you are and what you do. We work with you to provide something you and your customers or audience will find enjoyable and valuable. Maniac Monkey can also build customized additions such as e-stores, online training, administration systems (so you and your staff can manage your web site's content without any technical knowledge), and just about anything else you've seen on the web.
Print design is everywhere. Magazines, billboards, CD covers, brochures, books, manuals... there is certainly no shortage of printed materials. Since this is the case, though, it can be difficult for your print offerings to stand out againstClick to view our Print Design portfolio the rest if they are not well done. Maniac Monkey Media has experience in all sorts of print-related design (magazines, advertisements, posters, CDs, etc.) and can help you produce materials that catch people's eyes, get the message across, and differentiate themselves from the crowd.
Sometimes a particular product or service would benefit from presentationClick to view our Interactive Media portfolio outside the bounds of traditional web or print design. Vivid color, motion, video, sound, and interactivity can really make your message pop. Maniac Monkey has the tools, ability, and experience to develop and deliver a first-class interactive multimedia experience, successfully presenting it to your audience through the web, CD, DVD, or computer desktop.
Branding & Identity ExampleYour logo, colors, and themes are the building blocks for every other piece of media you put your name on, so the importance of these elements being designed and implemented well is paramount. We can help you put together a logo, letterhead, and other basic peripherals that represent you well and that people will remember.
Video, too, has a seemingly innumerable amount of applications such as online training videos, television commercials, movie trailers, or product DVDs. DoneVideo Editing & Production Example right, digital video can really present your message in a unique and impactful way. Maniac Monkey Media's experience and ability can help you produce clean, succinct, and memorable video for your web site, intranet, or distribution projects.
CDs or DVDs can be used to distrubute video, data, music, interactiveDVD & CD Production Example experiences, and just about anything else you could dream up. Irregardless of what's on them, though, they give you a medium to express your message to your audience that is tangible and not often readily discarded. We can help you develop, author, replicate (where CDs and DVDs are made from scratch as opposed to being "burned"), and distribute such media in a professional and effective manner.
Web Programming ExampleAttractive web sites hold their own independent value, but for a site to be truly useful for customers or a target audience, users must be able to do something with it. The sky is the limit here as Maniac Monkey can develop rich web applications that aid you and your visitors in using your web site to accomplish goals. Examples could include e-stores, web site administration systems, shipping calculators, or inventory management systems.
Data, if used correctly, can be powerful.Database Programming Example Storing information about your products, customers, or company can really add to the potential of your web site or decision making initiatives. Maniac Monkey Media can design secure, scalable, and integratable databases that can add value to many other projects.
Photography ExampleProfessional photos of your products, locations, or employees in action can really add something to a multimedia project. We can provide the photography services that integrate well with web sites, print design, and interactive multimedia.