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Embodied Counseling

Needing a cutting-edge website for a cutting-edge counseling practice, Maniac Monkey worked with Embodied Counseling to develop a cohesively-branded website that engages prospective clients where they are and facilitates a first step toward healing through counseling.

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Thrive Nutrition & Wellness

Thrive Nutrition & Wellness tapped our studio to create its public face; one meant to educate visitors about nutrition and facilitate the immediate growth of its business, all built on a flexible WordPress platform which Thrive uses to keep its content fresh, blog to its readers, and track its new customers.

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Maniac Monkey Media joined with #SaveEBS, a national campaign to inspire the public to learn and take action to save the Educational Broadband Service, and delivered a vibrant, modern, and effective website reflective of the mission.

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ENT Physicians of Kearney

Our studio worked with the otolaryngologists of ENT Physicians of Kearney, a community mental health practice serving a huge portion of its state, to replace an outdated website with one that modernizes its practice, serves its communities, and increases patient engagement and appointments.

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House for All Sinners and Saints

A website designed to be as unique as the church it represents, Maniac Monkey Media worked with Denver’s House for All Sinners and Saints to develop a presence evocative of its “ancient/future” congregation and purpose to effectively connect with members and new visitors.

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Boettcher Scholarship Online

Maniac Monkey has worked closely with the Boettcher Foundation for over a decade on many projects, including developing an all-encompassing online application platform for the prestigious Boettcher Scholarship covering applications, recommendations, grants, events, and staff management, greatly streamlining the program for foundation staff while increasing applications and program reach.

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Lavender & Mustard

Lavender & Mustard creates high-end food on order and sought a comprehensive online store including inventory management, integrated shipping label generation, payment processing, and delivery scheduling.

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Montrose UMC

We worked remotely with Montrose’s UMC of Colorado’s western slope through several new versions of their website over many years in order to evolve with both the church and technology alike.

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Altitude Surveying

Maniac Monkey worked with Altitude Surveying to develop an attractive, focused site to serve existing clients as well as expand business through increased connection with new customers.


Working closely with Waterfluence’s team of system engineers, Maniac Monkey Media provided top-end design work on a main public site for new customers as well as a multitude of internal systems and modules leveraged by the organization’s commercial customers to increase responsible water use through efficient landscape irrigation.

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